Antibody Characterization Service

Service Features:

  • Real-time BLI-based (Bio-layer Interferometry) biophysical characterization of polyclonal and monoclonal antibody affinities (Kd) for antigen

  • Quantification of  Kon and Koff rates for many antibody/antigen pairs underlying their dissociation constants

  • Epitope binning based upon antibody binding to non-overlapping epitopes

  • Antibody screening to reveal appropriate biophysical profiles for specific applications

Figure 1. Association and dissociation of IFN to a surface-immobilized antibody using varying concentrations of IFN to determine antibody affinity. The raw data are shown in blue and the model response in red.


IFN Binding to and Disassociation from a Surface-Immobilized Monoclonal Antibody Evaluated by BLI

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