Neutralizing Antibody Assay Service

Service Features:

  • Accurate determination of sample inhibitory effect on the biological activity of cytokines such as interferons (IFNs)

  • Neutralizing activity measurement performed in a cell based assay format using serum, plasma, cell culture media, or tissue culture media samples may be used as an anti-drug antibody (ADA) assay

  • Neutralization assay results reported in graphical format together with raw data

Figure 1. Representative neutralization curves of a sample of two monoclonal antibodies to interferon in a cytopathic effect inhibition (CPE) assay to determine neutralization titer. One neutralization unit is the amount of antiserum or antibody (NAb) required to neutralize one unit of human interferon to a 50% endpoint in the bioassay. The units are determined with respect to the international reference standard for interferon.

Neutralizing Antibodies Assay Service

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