Cell-based Assay Development Service

Cell-based Assay Development Service

PBL develops and customizes cell-based assays from a number of different species to meet your specific requirements.  Cell-based assay development services offered include:

  • Custom cytopathic effect, anti-proliferation and growth promotion assays
  • Development of reporter gene systems or identification of cell lines to monitor activity of the compound of interest
  • Neutralization of bioactivity by antibodies which is relevant to identification of bioactive monoclonal antibodies (MAb's) and monitoring of immunogenicity
  • Additional cytokine cell-based assays and assay formats developed as needed


Figure 1.  Titration of different IFN’s on a cell line stably transfected with an ISG promoter, luciferase gene construct.  Cells were exposed to varying concentrations of IFN for 18 hours and then the luciferase activity was measured.

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