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Type I IFNs as Readouts in Non-Human Primate (NHP) Models

Non-human primates (NHPs) are important pre-clinical models used for testing the safety and efficacy of human therapeutics prior to clinical trials.

Interferonopathies: An Overview

Since the term interferonopathy first appeared in scientific literature in the early 2000s1,2, there has been a surge in its usage as additional Mendelian disorders with defects resulting in enhanced expression of Type I Interferons (IFN Alpha, IFN Beta, and IFN Omega) have been identified.

Determination of Interferons and Biomarkers in Influenza Donor Samples

Authors: B. Schwartz, G. Kisiel, A. Pandey, K. Skup, W. Clark, T. Lavoie

Author Affiliation: PBL Assay Science





A Cost-Effective Antibody Cocktail for Broad Neutralization of Human Type I IFN Activity

A single anti-human IFN receptor 2 (IFNAR2) monoclonal antibody (cat. # 21385-1) has proven to be useful in neutralizing the activities of human Type I IFNs by blocking the Type I IFN receptor complex.1-3  However, a high amount of this antibody is sometimes required to effectively compete for the receptor complex in the presence of multiple Type I IFNs (e.g. IFN alpha, beta, and omega) that are present in certain samples.


Validation of a Highly Sensitive Immunoassay for the Quantitation of Interferon Beta in Autoimmune Sera

Authors: P.R. Conliff1, T.M. Stauffer2; S.F. Bungo1; M. Skawinski2; T. Lavoie2; I.S. DuBey1

Author Affiliation: 1. Smithers Avanza; 2. PBL Assay Science




The role of interferons (IFN) in autoimmune disease is crucial to understanding the etiology and treatment of these diseases.

A highly sensitive immunoassay was validated and utilized for the quantitation of interferon beta in autoimmune sera.


Flow Cytometry for IFNAR2 on Human PBMC

Protocol for Flow Cytometric Analysis of IFNAR2 and CD3 Surface Expression on Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells (PMBC)


Flow Cytometry for IFNAR2 on JURKAT cells

Protocol for Flow Cytometric Analysis of IFNAR2 Surface Expression on JURKAT Cells



Phosphate buffered saline (PBS)

Wash buffer: PBS containing 0.5% BSA and 0.02% NaN3



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