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Human Type III Interferons (IFNs): IFN-λ1, IFN-λ2 and IFN-λ3:


Type III Interferons (IFNs), interferon lambda 1 (IL-29), interferon lambda 2 (IL-28A), and interferon lambda 3 (IL-28B) are recently identified class II cytokine receptor ligands that are members of the Interleukin 10 (IL-10) family. The expression of Type III IFNs is induced by virus infection or double-stranded RNA (dsRNA). All three IFN-λ proteins exert bioactivities that overlap those of type I IFNs such as IFN-α and IFN-β, including antiviral activity and up-regulation of MHC class I antigen expression. They signal through a heterodimeric receptor complex that is composed of the IL-10 receptor β (IL-10Rβ) and a novel IL-28 receptor α (IL-28 Rα, also known as IFN-λ R1). Ligand binding to this receptor leads to Jak-STAT signaling.


Functionally, type III IFNs display similar properties to type I IFNs. They have been shown to function by signaling through the JAK-STAT pathway upregulating the expression of genes involved in controlling viral replication and cellular proliferation. Recent gene knockout studies suggest that the Type III IFNs signaling pathway may have been conserved to combat pathogens that target type I IFNs. Research on the regulation of type III IFNs may result in a better understanding of the host response mechanism during viral infection.



Assay Kits

Anti-Human IFN-λ2 antibody
(Cat. No. 21720-1)

DIY Human IFN Lambda 2/3 (IL28A/B) ELISA
(Cat. No. 61830-1)

Anti-Human IFN-λ3 antibody
(Cat. No. 21730-1)

DIY Human IFN Lambda 1/2/3 (IL29/28A/28B) ELISA
(Cat. No. 61840-1)

Anti-Human IFN-λ Receptor 1 (IFNLR1) antibody
(Cat. No. 21885-1)

Human IFN 9-Plex ELISA
(Cat. No. 51500-1)

Human IL-28A/IFN Lambda 2, Human Cell-Expressed Protein
(Cat. No. 11720-1)


Human IL-29/IFN Lambda 1, Human Cell-Expressed Protein
(Cat. No. 11725-1)


Human IL-28B/IFN Lambda 3, Human Cell-Expressed Protein
(Cat. No. 11730-1)


Human IL-28A/IFN Lambda 2, mammalian cell expressed Protein, carrier-free
(Cat. No. 11821-1)


Human IL-29/IFN Lambda 1, mammalian cell expressed Protein, carrier-free
(Cat. No. 11826-1)


Type III IFNs (IFN-Lambda 1, 2, & 3) Signaling Pathway

High Sensitive Human IFN Beta ELISA Std curve in Normal Human Serum vs. Sample Diluent

Human IFN Beta Cytopathic Effect Inhibition Assay

Neutralizing activity of MAb to Human IFN Lambda 3 in a cytopathic assay of A549 cells challenged with EMCV. EC50 is reported as the concentration of antibody required to neutralize 50% of protective effect of 50 ng/ml of human IFN-lambda 3 (IL-28B) protein.

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