Want more from your Research?

Want more from your Research?

Have you recently published using a product from PBL Assay Science?

PBL Assay Science offers several reagents and immunoassays for life science research. If you have cited any of our products in a published paper within the last twelve months, you can receive a $25 Amazon e-gift card


Amazon Gift Card


How to get your gift card:

  1. Purchase a PBL Assay Science product and utilize it in your research.
  2. Publish using a PBL product ensuring PBL and the product you used are cited.
  3. Email a PDF of your recent (within 12 months) publication to PBL (info@pblassaysci.com), along with the product and catalog number used.



Terms and Conditions:

  • To qualify for this gift card, the user must submit a PDF version of their publication and a valid e-mail address to PBL Assay Science. Brand name and product should be mentioned in the paper. 
  • Limited to one offer per publication. 
  • This offer is valid for domestic (US) and international (non-US) customers. 
  • By submitting a publication for this offer, users are declaring that they are not prohibited from accepting gift cards by their place of employment or any contracts.
  • PBL reserves the right to modify or cancel the program at any time. 
  • This offer is from PBL Assay Science, not Amazon. PBL Assay Science is not affiliated with Amazon.com.

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