• Authentic human glycosylation & native human post-translational modifications
  • Animal-component-free, protein-free production
  • High bioactivity and stability; lyophilized
  • High purity, low endotoxin proteins (intrinsically low endotoxin levels conferred by human cell expression)

Human Cell Expressed (HCE) cytokines closely mimic native human proteins. These affordable, tag-free, animal-component-free proteins are produced in stable, serum-free, chemically defined cell culture helping ensure lot-to-lot consistency and reproducibility.


HCE cytokines possess authentic human N-and/or O-linked glycosylation and other post-translational modifications preserving appropriate biological activities and epitopes. These proteins retain native properties and accurately mimic native human proteins, providing researchers a useful tool to use in human cell culture experiments.


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Catalog No. Description Pack Size Price Quantity
11730-1 Human IL-28B/IFN Lambda 3, HCE

≥ 1 x 105 units

11720-1 Human IL-28A/IFN Lambda 2, HCE

≥ 1 x 105 units

11725-1 Human IL-29/IFN Lambda 1, HCE

≥ 1 x 105 units

11701-1 Human Interleukin 22 (Human Cell-Expressed)  new 

10 µg

11701-2 Human Interleukin 22 (Human Cell-Expressed)  new 

50 µg


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