Recommended Human IFN Beta Assay Kits, Services, & Reagents

Recommended Human Interferon Beta products for your application


Assay Kits

Recommended For Product Catalog Number
Quantitation of Human IFN Beta in Tissue Culture Media (TCM) Human IFN Beta ELISA Kit 41410
More sensitive quantitation of Human IFN Beta in TCM, Serum, and Plasma. Suitable for autoimmune disease samples and IFN Beta therapeutics High Sensitivity Human IFN Beta Serum ELISA Kit 41415
Quantitation of Human Type 1, Type 2, Type 3 IFNs, and additional cytokines Human IFN 9-Plex ELISA Kit


Human Cytokine 16-Plex ELISA Kit 51510

Assay Services

Recommended For Service Catalog Number
Measurement of Human IFN Beta bioactivity in antiviral assays Human IFN Beta Cytopathic Effect Inhibition (CPE) Service 91100
IFN Beta responsive growth-inhibitory measurement Human IFN Beta Antiproliferation Service 98000
IFNs bioactivity quantified by Type I IFN Receptor activation Type 1 IFN Gene Reporter Assay Service 95000


Recommended For Product Catalog Number
In vitro neutralization of Human IFN Beta Polyclonal Antibody against Human IFN Beta, Rabbit IgG, Protein A purified 31405-1
Flow Cytometry, immunocytochemistry FITC-labeled Monoclonal Antibody against Human IFN Beta (clone MMHB-3) 21400-3
Direct Binding ELISA Monoclonal Antibody against Human IFN Beta (clone MMHB-3) 21400-1

Protein & Cell

Recommended For Product Catalog Number
Experiments examing responses to IFN Beta activation of Type 1 IFN Receptor Human IFN Beta Protein, Mammalian cell-expressed 11415-1
Type 1 IFN bioactivity measurement iLite Human Type 1 IFN Responsive Cells 51100-7


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