A Cost-Effective Antibody Cocktail for Broad Neutralization of Human Type I IFN Activity

A single anti-human IFN receptor 2 (IFNAR2) monoclonal antibody (cat. # 21385-1) has proven to be useful in neutralizing the activities of human Type I IFNs by blocking the Type I IFN receptor complex.1-3  However, a high amount of this antibody is sometimes required to effectively compete for the receptor complex in the presence of multiple Type I IFNs (e.g. IFN alpha, beta, and omega) that are present in certain samples.


A cost-effective and performance-enhancing alternative is to employ an antibody cocktail consisting of anti-human IFNAR2 monoclonal antibody (21385-1), anti-human IFN alpha polyclonal antibody (31101-1), and anti-human IFN beta polyclonal antibody (31401-1). The inclusion of the two polyclonals reduces the amount of anti-human IFNAR2 monoclonal antibody required and improves neutralization of multiple Type I IFNs often found in complex samples.


An anti-IFN-α, anti-IFN-β, and anti-IFNAR2 antibody mixture

substantially improved neutralization of Human Type I IFN activity

Antibody mixture for broad neutralization of human Type I IFNs

A human cell line responsding to all Type I IFNs was used to measured IFN activity.

The anti-IFN-alpha antibody also exhibits cross-reactivity with IFN-omega.

The anti-IFN-beta exhibited no cross-reactivity with IFN-alpha. IFN pool included IFN alpha, beta, and omega.

The anti-IFNAR2 binds to the receptor, effectively neutralizing all Type I IFNs.


2.  Davis et al., J. Immunol., 2008, 181:8204
Human Type I IFNs neutralization
Type 1 IFN neutralizing antibodies
Multiple Type interferons

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