Mouse Interferon Alpha Nomenclature

Mouse Interferon Alpha Nomenclature
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PBL Assay Science
van Pesch et al. 2004 Hardy et al. 2004 Alternate Sequences
Name (Catalog No.) Accession Activity Name Accession    
α1 (12105-1) AY225950 (C57BI/6) Mean α1 NM_010502 (Balb/C) AY226993 (129/Sv)  
α2 XO1969 (Balb/C) Mean α2 NM_010503 (Balb/C)    
αA (12100-1) M28587 (Balb/C) Mean α3 M28587 (Balb/C)    
α4 (12115-1) XO1971 (Balb/C) High α4 NM_010504 (Balb/C) AY220463 (129/Sv)  
α5 XO1971 (Balb/C) Mean α5 NM_010505 (Balb/C) AY220464  
α6T AY220465 (129/Sv) Mean α10 n/a M23840 (Balb/C) NM_026867
α7/10 M1370 (Swiss) Low α7 NM_088334 (C57Bl/6) AY225952 (C57Bl/6)  
α8/6 XO1972 (Balb/C) Mean α6 NM_008335 AY225953 (C57Bl/6) NM_206871
α9 M13660 (Balb/C) Mean α9 M13660 (Balb/C)    
α11 (12125-1) M68944 (Swiss) High α11 NM_008333 (Swiss) AY225954  
α12 AY225951 (C57Bl/6) Mean α12 AY190047 (C57Bl/6) NM_177347 (C57Bl/6)  
α13 (12130-1) AY220461 (129/Sv) Mean α13 AY190047 (57Bl/6) NM_177347 (C57Bl/6)  
A14 AY220462 (129/Sv) Mean n/a n/a    
αB L38698 (Balb/C) Mean α8 NM_008336    


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  2. Hardy et al. (2004). Genomics. 84:331
  3. Chen et al. (2004). J. Interferon Cytokine Res. 24:687

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