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Rat IFN Alpha 1 and IFN Alpha 14 mammalian

Reagents, Product Literature

Mouse Product Line

For Type I & III IFN research in Mouse

IFN Gamma Product Line

Human IFN Gamma Proteins and Antibodies

12100 SDS

12100 Safety Data Sheet

11720-1 CoA

11720-1 Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

11720 SDS

11720 Safety Data Sheet

11730-1 CoA

11730-1 Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

11730 SDS

11730 Safety Data Sheet

21100 SDS

21100-1, 21100-2 Safety Data Sheet

21100-1 CoA

21100-1 Certificate of Analysis

21100-2 CoA

21100-2 Certificate of Analysis

21105-1 CoA

21105-1 Certificate of Analysis