Vision and Values

Vision and Values

Company Vision

PBL strives to work hand in hand with researchers to help solve their most difficult problems. We have the ability and expertise in Assay Science that enables scientists to successfully conduct research. For over thirty years PBL has grown not only in the number of products we offer, in the space we occupy, and in the number of our employees but, most importantly, we have developed a robust Assay Science knowledge base and an ability to successfully complete projects.


Our inwardly focused vision is to achieve company goals and meet the personal needs of our staff at the same time. Passion, creativity, innovation, and a desire for self-improvement are our guiding characteristics. We strive for a company where employees feel valued and cared for, and where we are open with one another and work together for common success and shared rewards.


Core Values

PBL's values are at the core of Who We Are and What We Do. Our Core Values are key principles that reflect the kind of company PBL is, and we rely on our Core Values in every decision we make.


  1. Integrity at All Times: we deal with others ethically and in good faith
  2. Greater Good: we go out of our way for our fellow employees, our customers, our company, our community, and society at large
  3. Stimulating Conversation: we share a passion for asserting our opinions and ideas and remain open to criticism and alternative perspectives
  4. Always Improving: we continually seek to improve ourselves and to enhance our products, processes, and every aspect of the business
  5. Creativity and Innovation: we take a measure of risk to set us apart from the competition
  6. Staying Nimble: we adapt to meet changing conditions, changing markets, and customer needs
  7. Exceptional Offerings: we strive for excellence in customer satisfaction by knowing our field and providing superior products and information
  8. Meeting Goals: we set attainable goals and fulfill our commitments to those within and outside of the organization
  9. Profitable Growth, Shared Success: we work together to ensure the Company's longevity and reward both employees and shareholders

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