Human IL-15 ELISA Kit, High Sensitivity (Serum, Plasma, TCM)

Product Features: 
  • Measures endogenous human IL-15 at or near basal level with LLOQ of 0.51 pg/ml in serum, plasma, and cell culture media
  • Detects both free and bound form of IL-15 (IL-15/IL-15R complex)
  • Reproducible results with inter- and intra-CVs <10% in all tested matrices


Full product name: VeriKine-HS Human Interleukin 15 ELISA Kit



Catalog No. Pack Size Price Quantity

1 x 96-well plate



Compatibility: Serum, Plasma, Tissue Culture Media
ELISA Assay Range: 0.51 - 32.8 pg/ml
Assay Length: 4 hours
Specificity: Human Interleukin 15

No cross-reactivity detected with human IL-2, IL-4, IL-7, IL-9, IL-21, IFN-α, IFN-β1a, IFN-γ, IFN-ω; cynomolgus IFN-α2; cynomolgus/rhesus IFN-α; mouse IL-15, IFN-αA, IFN-β, IFN-γ; rat IL-15, IFN-α1, IFN-α14, IFN-β, IFN-γ; bovine IFN-Tau2 or pig IFN-α.

Inter-Assay CV: < 10%
Intra-Assay CV: < 10%
Spike recovery: 103%


Storage: 2-8 °C
Expiration Date: one year from date of manufacture
Shipping Condition: Wet Ice

Materials Provided:

  • Pre-Coated Micro-Titer Stripwell Plate/Sealers
  • Wash Solution Concentrate
  • Human Interleukin-15 Standard (410 pg/ml)
  • Assay Buffer
  • Dilution Buffer
  • Antibody Concentrate
  • HRP Conjugate Concentrate
  • Concentrate Diluent
  • HRP Diluent
  • TMB Substrate Solution
  • Stop Solution

Tech Info / Data

Human IL-15 ELISA Normal Human Serum Linearity (NHS) using PBL
Human IL-15 ELISA Normal Human Serum Parallelism (NHS) using PBL
Human IL-15 ELISA Plasma Parallelism using PBL
Human IL-15 ELISA Normal Human Serum (NHS) and Plasma Knockout using PBL

Interleukin-15 (IL-15) is a member of the IL-2 family of cytokines which also includes IL-4, -7, -9 and -211,2,3. It has similar and unique functions compared to IL-2. Signaling by IL-15 can be through the cytokine alone, in complex with soluble IL-15Rα and transpresented bound to IL15Rα. It is produced largely by monocytic cells but also by dendritic cells, keratinocytes, fibroblasts, myocytes, and nerve cells. It seems to enhance the expansion of CD8 memory cells, NK and NK-T cells4. IL-15 plays a role in tumor biology and autoimmune diseases including psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, celiac disease, alopecia areata and systemic lupus erythematosus5,6.


PBL’s IL-15 ELISA measures both IL-15 alone and IL-15/IL15Rα complexes in Tissue Culture Media (TCM), and complex matrices such as serum and plasma. It can also quantitate IL-15 in healthy donor matrices. The standard in this assay is the IL-15/IL-15R heterodimer but because the antibodies used are specific for IL-15, the standard curve is calibrated to the IL-15 portion of the complex. Different forms of the IL-15 receptors (IL15-R) may couple to free IL-15 protein. This assay can detect both free IL-15 and bound IL-15/IL-15R.


Serum samples from 30 healthy donors and plasma samples from 47 healthy donors were all quantifiable and as such this assay may provide basal level measurement.


High Sensitivity Human IL-15 ELISA Exhibits Greater Sensitivity than Competitive IL-15 Standards


. Dose response curves and absorbance values of all IL-15 standards are shown below. PBL’s standard exhibited greater sensitivity than competitive IL-15 standards

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