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At PBL we take pride in providing products that you can trust to support your research. Check out a few of our product offerings below:

  • Universal™ Type I IFN is a recombinant Human IFN-Alpha hybrid protein exhibiting bioactivity across multiple species
  • Essential for cross-species...

Highly recommended unconjugated mixture of MAbs and PAbs directed against human Type I IFN receptor and several Type I IFNs. Effectively neutralizes b...

This Mouse Interferon Alpha ELISA has an LLOQ of 2.38 pg/ml and can detect all 14 mouse IFN-Alpha subtypes in serum, plasma, and tissue culture media...

The Human Interleukin 15 ELISA measures endogenous human IL-15 at or near basal levels with LLOQ of 0.51 pg/ml in serum, plasma, and cell culture...

This ELISA measures human IFN-Alpha levels in normal & autoimmune sera, plasma, and tissue culture media (TCM) with an LLOQ of 1.95 pg/ml. It detects...

This Human IFN-Beta ELISA measures interferon beta levels in human serum, plasma, and tissue culture samples with 1.2 pg/ml LLOQ sensitivity. This kit...

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What's New at PBL?

New technical presentation by PBL team: Differentiation of IL-22 levels in inflammatory diseases using a high sensitivity ELISA

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PBL products available worldwide

PBL Assay Science pursues key strategic partnerships around the world in order to bring quality research products to your very doorstep. Click the link below to find partners in your local region.

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