Ultra-Sensitive fg/ml Biomarker Detection Services
Sample testing, custom assay design & development services
Human IFN-β ELISA Serum/Plasma ELISA LOQ ~ 1.2 pg/ml
Mouse IFN-β ELISA LOQ ~1 pg/ml
Cytokine Multiplex ELISA
Human IFNGR1 ELISA compatible with multiple matrices

Featured Service

Ultra-Sensitive femtogram per milliliter (fg/ml) Biomarker Detection Services

  • Robust quantification in serum, plasma and other matrices
  • Provides accurate and reproducible data with < 10% CVs
  • LLOQ often in the low to mid fg/ml range
  • Singleplex and multiplex biomarker service capability
  • Expert support from our dedicated assay service team



Featured Product

Human IFN Gamma Receptor 1 ELISA

  • Quantify soluble and membrane IFNGR1
  • Protocols for serum and plasma samples
  • High sensitivity for cell culture media samples and cell lysates with assay range 9.38 - 300 pg/ml
  • < 4 hour assay time

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