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Human IFN-Beta ELISA Kits

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These Human IFN-Beta ELISAs are highly sensitive immunoassays (< 3 pg/ml LLOQ) developed to measure human interferon beta (IFN-Beta) in specific matrices (e.g. healthy and disease sera, plasma, tissue culture media (TCM)). These high sensitivity assays display no inhibition of human IFN-Beta detection in the presence of 3-Log excess of soluble IFN-Alpha/Beta Receptor 2 (sIFNAR2) protein, thus measuring "total" IFN-Beta. 


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  41435      41415  
High Sensitivity Quantification 2.34 pg/ml 1.2 pg/ml
Robust Sample Matrix Compatibility Tissue Culture Media (TCM) TCM, Plasma, Healthy, and Autoimmune Disease Sera
Interference by sIFNAR2 No No


Technical Literature:

Catalog No. Description Pack size Price Quantity
41410-1 Human IFN-Beta ELISA Kit 1 x 96-well plate $615.00
41410-2 Human IFN-Beta ELISA Kit 5 x 96-well plates $2,768.00
41435-1 Human IFN-Beta TCM ELISA, High Sensitivity 1 x 96-well plate $545.00
41415-1 Human IFN-Beta ELISA Kit, High Sensitivity (Serum, Plasma, TCM) 1 x 96-well plate $725.00