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Assay Services

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Assay Services

Explore the range of services the PBL Team can provide — our team will work with you every step of your project.

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Sample Testing Services

Sensitive cytokine and biomarker detection is available on a variety of platforms (MSD, Simoa, Erenna, SMCxPRO, ELISA) for both singleplex and multiplex assays.

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Cell-Based Services

Targeted portfolio of cell-based assay services within Cytokine/Chemokine Bioactivity Assays and Antiviral Assays including CPEs and AVAs.

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Assay Development

Immunoassay Design & Development from Antibody Screening & Proof-of-Concept Feasibility to Validation & Characterization.

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Custom Production

Reagent Development of Proteins, Antibodies, Hybridomas, and Cell Lines. 

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A Services Overview

The PBL Difference

With over three decades of experience in assay development and manufacturing, we understand that every project is unique and there is no "one-size-fit-all" solution. Our team will work hand-in-hand with you from an initial consult to discuss project scope and details, to regular updates on project status, and even beyond the final report. Our experts can provide trustworthy guidance for your precious samples, and actionable insights for your project.

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Our Approach


PBL Assay Science is a science-driven outsourcing partner that provides reliable, high-quality work on time and on budget. Our approach is to tailor the service to meet your project needs, not a one-size-fits-all attitude. Our team will communicate directly with you to build a collaborative environment and will help turn your data into actionable knowledge.


Our scientists communicate directly with you to build a transparent, collaborative environment and eliminate costly missteps. Your data are entirely your own with our fee-for-service model. Speak to our Scientific Team to explore how PBL may help with an upcoming project:


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What You Can Expect When You Work With Us

Honesty and Integrity

We take the time to listen, to understand what you want to accomplish; we provide guidance from our deep knowledge base; we recommend only the work that your research requires; and we do all of this under the utmost confidentiality.

Depth of Understanding

With years of experience in highly sensitive and specific assay development, we understand the difficulties involved in research projects. Our experts are on-hand to guide you from beginning to end.

Simplified Sourcing

We are listed on and Science Exchange to expedite the process and decrease the amount of paperwork needed. 

Flexible Capacity

Whether you have limited internal capacity or whether you're seeking outside expertise in addressing specific experimental challenges, we know it takes an investment of your time and energy to establish a relationship and bring your projects to completion. We can help.

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Beyond Assay Services...

Discover what else PBL Assay Science has to offer

Our Products

IFN and IL immunoassay kits, cytokines and interferons, antibody products, and more are ready to order.



Technical Resources and FAQs

Reference frequently asked questions and explore our technical resources offerings.



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