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PBL Assay Science was founded in 1990 by Dr. Sidney Pestka and Joan Pestka as a family-owned business operating out of the basement of their home. From that starting point, we have grown into a company that supports researchers worldwide with a reliable source of high-quality products and services. Today, PBL Assay Science helps researchers solve difficult assay development and protein quantification problems and continues to serve as a trusted source for high quality, high sensitivity ELISAs as well as interferon proteins and antibodies. Our success can be attributed to our commitment to provide reliable products and uncompromising quality to our customers.



1990 - 1994




Dr. Sidney Pestka and Joan Pestka founded Pestka Biomedical Laboratories

1991 Launched first range of interferon products and kits for sale including Anti-Human IFN Alpha (sheep polyclonal), Human IFN Alpha A and Human IFN Alpha ELISA


Robert Pestka joined the family business as Director of Corporate Development


Doubled PBL's product line of interferons, antibodies, ELISA kits and other proteins



Expanded sales channels for worldwide distribution of PBL products

1995 - 1999


Published first catalog highlighting PBL’s product range for research


Established Assay Services Division to develop and perform conventional and custom assays



2000 - 2004




Expanded product range to include Human IFN Alpha Multisubtype Serum ELISA


Introduced Mouse IFN Alpha ELISA to product line


Increased capacity of manufacturing and research facilities to meet growing customer needs



Launched first ELISA capable of quantifying Mouse IFN Beta

2005 - 2009


Changed name to PBL InterferonSource to emphasize the expertise PBL provides to customers


Introduced first ELISA designed to quantify Non-human Primate IFN Alpha


Launched first High Sensitivity Serum ELISA for Human IFN Beta


2010 - Future








Implemented major product improvement initiative in response to customer feedback


Established strategic alliance with a Clinical Research Organization to provide continuity of service to PBL’s customers


Added Multiplex ELISA technology to product portfolio for simultaneous quantification of human interferons and cytokines


Introduced Forte BioOctet technology to enhance custom assay development capabilities


Partnered with the Singulex Erenna® system to provide Ultra-Sensitive Cytokine Detection Services


Changed name to PBL Assay Science to signify growth beyond interferons into assay-related products & services
2014 Broadened reagent offerings to include authentic human cell-expressed cytokines and growth factors


Partnered with Quanterix to provide Ultra-Sensitive femtogram per milliliter Biomarker Quantification Services powered by SimoaTM technology


As we look to the future, we will continue to expand our products and services to support customers and we will provide increasingly personalized support and research assistance to our clients.

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