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EMD Millipore Single Molecule Counting (SMCxPRO & Erenna) Assay Services: Ultra-Sensitive Cytokine Testing

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EMD Millipore Single Molecule Counting (SMCxPRO® & Erenna®)

Accurate and robust measurement. Increase your understanding. Detect at unprecedented levels.


  • Cytokine analysis utilizing Single Molecule Counting technology enables sub-pg/ml sensitivity for accurate measurement of low abundance biomarkers in normal or disease sera/plasma

  • Minimal sample dilution requirement with 4-Log+ dynamic range

  • High precision cytokine immunoassays provide reproducible data

  • Extensive analyte menu of over 40 different cytokine assays covering several disease areas including IFN-γ, IL-1a, IL-1b, IL-4, IL-6, IL-8, IL-10, IL-13, IL-15, IL-17A, IL-17F, IL-17 heterodimer, IL-23, GLP-1, and TNF-α


PBL Assay Science's ultra-sensitive cytokine detection services are powered by MilliporeSigma's Single Molecule Counting technology in conjunction with robust microparticle (MP) based sandwich immunoassays that enables accurate, high-precision baseline quantification of low-abundance analytes at or below sub-picogram concentrations.


The ability to accurately measure low-abundance analytes present in complex matrices is essential for the profiling and characterization of cytokines and other biomarker analytes. Employing proprietary single molecule counting technology with robust microparticle-based SMCxPRO® & Erenna® immunoassays, PBL’s cytokine detection services can provide scientists with sub-pg/ml level measurements of low-abundance analytes in healthy or disease sera and plasma.


The background reduction methodology of this detection service extends the linear dynamic range to over 4 logs allowing scientists to measure biomarkers in many disease states at unprecedented levels. In addition to minimal sample dilution, robust and reproducible data make this detection service a great tool that can help scientists come to an increased understanding of analyte activities in biological responses. 


An increased understanding of the role and regulation of cytokines in disease states results from greater profiling and characterization of their activities in biological responses. Singulex technology can be instrumental in furthering our collective understanding of low-abundance cytokines in complex matrices.

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Key Features offered by Single Molecule Counting Technology on SMCxPRO and Erenna Platforms:

  • Enables sub-pg/ml sensitivity for accurate measurement of low abundance biomarkers in serum, plasma or other complex matrices

  • Requires minimal sample dilution with a 4-Log+ dynamic range

  • Provides high precision and reproducible data

  • Extensive analyte menu of over 30 different cytokine assays covering several disease areas


Powered by SMCxPRO® & Erenna® Immunoassay Systems, EMD Millipore Inc., Burlington, MA, USA.

PBL Singulex Erenna shows the ability to measure low levels of IL-1 Beta in Plasma samples (Heparin, Citrate, and EDTA)
Figure 1. Median levels of IL-1b (Interleukin 1 Beta) in Plasma Samples (Heparin, Citrate and EDTA)