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For over 30 years PBL Assay Science has developed and supplied specialty immunoassay products and biomarker testing services to basic, drug development, translational, and clinical researchers around the world. PBL supports multinational pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology companies, virtual pharmas, and academic and research institutions. We believe people deserve new and improved interventions to treat disease and improve human health, and our vision is to enable the scientific community to overcome challenges through the high-quality solutions we deliver and the trust we inspire.


Interferons and other cytokines are immune system proteins and important biomarkers in drug discovery and development. PBL has built a reputation as a high-quality manufacturer of interferon and cytokine proteins and antibodies, as well as pre-packaged, best-in-class interferon and cytokine immunoassay kits. Many of the products we produce and sell enjoy lengthy track records of use in studies described in high-impact publications and have been externally validated in challenging matrices for use in clinical programs.


PBL has decades of experience developing and running immunoassays. Accordingly, we work hand in hand with study leads and researchers who wish to leverage PBL's Assay Services expertise and capabilities to expedite their clinical studies and internal R&D efforts. Through the accurate measurement of biomarkers, our clients seek to distinguish between healthy individuals and patients with disease, to stratify patients, and to assess the beneficial and off-target effects of therapeutic treatments. PBL has developed biomarker assays, transferred assays both to and from clients, and is currently providing extensive biomarker assay performance qualification and biomarker sample testing services on several high-sensitivity and multiplexed bioanalytical platforms.


PBL's beginning are as a major provider of products, services, information, and know-how related primarily to interferons. The pioneering interferon research conducted by our co-founder, Sidney Pestka, M.D., and his many colleagues and collaborators reflects decades of exploration into interferon's applications in medicine. Dr. Pestka, a biochemist and geneticist and recipient of the National Medal of Technology, is sometimes referred to as the "father of interferons" for his groundbreaking work developing the interferons as treatments for major diseases such as hepatitis, multiple sclerosis, and cancer. He and his wife Joan Pestka started PBL in 1990 to make available to scientists around the world the research products he had developed in the course of his pharmaceutical and academic careers.