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For over 30 years, PBL Assay Science has worked hand in hand with industry, academic, and government researchers to help solve difficult assay development and protein quantification problems. Known as a trusted source for high quality, high sensitivity ELISAs as well as interferon proteins and antibodies, PBL has expanded our assay services capabilities to include ultrasensitive cytokine detection services on several well-known platforms. Whether you would like us to customize a multiplex assay incorporating your key analytes, to serve as an outside laboratory to run samples in confirmatory assays, or to express and purify a novel human cell-expressed protein, PBL is here to serve your needs.


When working with our customers, we take the time to listen, and to understand what you want to accomplish; we provide guidance from our deep knowledge base; we recommend only the products or work that your research requires; and we do all of this under the utmost confidentiality. Whether you have limited internal capacity or whether you're seeking outside expertise in addressing specific experimental challenges, we know it takes an investment of your time and energy to establish a relationship and bring your projects to completion. We can help. With years of experience in highly sensitive and specific assay development, we understand the difficulties involved in research projects. Our experts are on hand to guide you from beginning to end. Lean on us.


Our beginnings are as a major provider of products, services, information, and know-how related primarily to interferons. The pioneering interferon research conducted by our founder, Sidney Pestka, M.D., and his many colleagues and collaborators reflects decades of exploration into interferon's applications in medicine. Over the last two decades, PBL Assay Science has grown from start-up to well-respected company, employing state-of-the-art technology in conducting assay services and manufacturing world-class products for scientists around the globe. As our research, our products, and our services have moved beyond interferon into other cytokines and biological materials, we have grown into an Assay Science company with a broad knowledge base. Let us help you solve your most difficult problems.