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MSD Assay Services: Immunoassay Testing

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Meso Scale Discovery (MSD) Assay Service:

  • Over 180 validated fit-for-purpose assays in singleplex and preconfigured multiplex formats

  • Covering a broad range of analytes including Cardiac biomarkers, Inflammatory cytokines, Intracellular signaling molecules, Neurodegenerative & Oncolgical markers, and more.

  • Low sample volume requirement

  • Broad dynamic range for healthy and disease state analyte quantitation

  • See below for representative data


PBL's sample testing and screening services will expedite your research and development work. Our expert knowledge in MSD-ECL technology and assay performance allow our service to be tailored to meet your specific requirements under fit-for-purpose guidelines. Entrusting your sample testing analysis to our experienced team of scientists and quality control experts ensures trustworthy and accurate results.


We can help turn your data into actionable knowledge.


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