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Human IFN-Alpha ELISA Kits

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VeriKine-HS Human IFN-Alpha ELISA (All-Subtype) kits are designed to provide low pg/ml (LOQ 1.95 pg/ml) sensitivity and global IFN-Alpha subtype detection (12 of 12) in serum, plasma, and tissue culture media (TCM). As multiple IFN-Alpha (IFNa, IFN-a) species are often present in biological samples, the ability to determine the total amount of IFN-Alpha subtypes is integral to a full understanding of IFN-Alpha's role within the immune system.


If you have questions regarding the need for global IFN-Alpha subtype measurement with regard to your specific research, PBL would be happy to help you choose an ELISA that will work best for you. Please contact PBL to discuss any concerns you may have!





High Sensitivity for low-level Human IFN-Alpha quantification

1.95 - 125 pg/ml

Human IFN-Alpha All-Subtype reactivity for total quantification

12 of 12

(Hu IFN-Alpha Subtype Specificities chart)

Robust Sample Matrix Compatibility Tissue Culture Media (TCM) TCM; EDTA-Plasma; Healthy and Autoimmune Disease Sera



PBL's multi-subtype ELISAs (41100, 41105, 41110) detect a number of the 12 IFN-Alpha subtypes. These kits differ in three main ways from one another: (1) subtype detection (moderately sensitive for most or several IFN-Alpha subtypes), (2) assay range, and (3) matrix compatibility (TCM, serum, plasma).


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