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Human IFN-Alpha ELISA Kits

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VeriKine-HS Human IFN-Alpha ELISA (All-Subtype) kits are designed to provide low pg/ml (LOQ 1.95 pg/ml) sensitivity and global IFN-Alpha subtype detection (12 of 12) in serum, plasma, and tissue culture media (TCM). As multiple IFN-Alpha (IFNa, IFN-a) species are often present in biological samples, the ability to determine the total amount of IFN-Alpha subtypes is integral to a full understanding of IFN-Alpha's role within the immune system.


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High Sensitivity for low-level Human IFN-Alpha quantification

1.95 - 125 pg/ml

Human IFN-Alpha All-Subtype reactivity for total quantification

12 of 12

(Hu IFN-Alpha Subtype Specificities chart)

Robust Sample Matrix Compatibility Tissue Culture Media (TCM) TCM; EDTA-Plasma; Healthy and Autoimmune Disease Sera



PBL's multi-subtype ELISAs (41100, 41105, 41110) detect a number of the 12 IFN-Alpha subtypes. These kits differ in three main ways from one another: (1) subtype detection (moderately sensitive for most or several IFN-Alpha subtypes), (2) assay range, and (3) matrix compatibility (TCM, serum, plasma).


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