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Mouse IFN-Alpha ELISAs

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These Mouse IFN-Alpha All-Subtype ELISA kits are designed to provide global IFN-Alpha subtype detection (14 of 14). As multiple IFN-Alpha (IFNa, IFN-a) species are often present in biological samples, the ability to determine the total amount of IFN-Alpha subtypes is integral to a full understanding of IFN-Alpha's role within the immune system.


If you would like assistance selecting the immunoassay most useful for your research, PBL would be happy to help you choose the ELISA that will work best for you. Please connect with PBL via chat, phone, or email!

Catalog No. Description Pack size Price Quantity
42115-1 Mouse IFN-Alpha All Subtype ELISA Kit, High Sensitivity (Serum, Plasma, TCM) 1 x 96-well plate $695.00
42120-1 Mouse IFN-Alpha ELISA Kit (TCM) 1 x 96-well plate $585.00
42120-2 Mouse IFN-Alpha ELISA Kit (TCM) 5 x 96-well plates $2,633.00