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Immunoassay ELISA Kit Documentation

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Certificates of Analysis & Protocols (One-Page) and Technical Data Sheets

As part of our ongoing effort to decrease our environmental footprint, we have been adapting our assay documentation into two easy-to-use pieces:


  1. Single-page Protocol/CoA with easy-to-follow instructions at a glance
  2. Technical Data Sheet (TDS) with detailed performance characterizationapplication data, and competitor side-by-side studies


Individual product pages contain further information regarding respective ELISA features and specifications, safety data sheets (SDS), citations and references, and other technical literature.

Our current ELISA kits featuring easy-to-use documentation can be found below:


Human IFN-Alpha TCM All Subtype ELISA, High Sensitivity (Cat. # 41135)

Most sensitive ELISA on the market for global IFN-Alpha detection in tissue culture media (TCM)


Human IFN-Beta ELISA, High Sensitivity (Cat. # 41415)

Suitable for measurement of trademarked interferon beta 1a and interferon beta 1b therapeutic molecules in human serum


Human IFN-Beta TCM ELISA, High Sensitivity (Cat. # 41435)

Total IFN-Beta quantification with no interference from soluble IFN receptor (sIFNAR2)


Human IL-22 ELISA, High Sensitivity (Cat. # 41701)

Accurate quantitation of endogenous human interleukin 22 in healthy and patient serum samples


Human IL-15 ELISA, High Sensitivity (Cat. # 41702)

Measures endogenous human IL-15 at or near basal level with LLOQ of 0.51 pg/ml in serum, plasma, and cell culture media


Mouse IFN-Alpha All Subtype ELISA, High Sensitivity (Cat. # 42115)

Detects all 14 mouse IFN-Alpha subtypes in tissue culture media (TCM), serum, and plasma


Mouse IFN-Alpha ELISA (Cat. # 42120)

Detects all 14 mouse IFN-Alpha subtypes in tissue culture media (TCM)


Mouse IFN-Beta ELISA (Cat. # 42410)

Best-in-class LLOQ for mouse IFN-Beta measurement in serum and TCM samples


Cynomolgus IFN-Beta ELISA (Cat. # 46415)

Quantifies Cynomolgus IFN-Beta in serum, plasma, and tissue culture media (TCM) as low as 5.47 pg/ml


Pig IFN-Alpha ELISA (Cat. # 47100)

Sensitive detection to as low as 2.34 pg/ml