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Human IFNGR1 ELISA Kit (Serum, Plasma, Cell Lysate, TCM)

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Human IFNGR1 ELISA Kit (Serum, Plasma, Cell Lysate, TCM)

Catalog Number: 41580

  • Accurate quantitation of soluble and membrane Interferon Gamma Receptor 1
  • Compatible with serumplasma, cell lysates and tissue culture media (TCM)
  • Provides high sensitivity detection of Human IFNGR1 to < 10 pg/ml in Sample Diluent and Cell Lysates
  • < 4 hour assay time
  • Conserve high value specimens with low sample requirements


Product Name: VeriKine Human Interferon-Gamma Receptor 1 ELISA Kit


Pack Size
Product Info

Compatibility Serum, Plasma, Cell Lysate, Tissue Culture Media
Assay Range 9.38 - 300 pg/ml (Sample Diluent and Cell Lysates), 234.38 - 7500 pg/ml (Serum and Plasma), 37.5 - 1200 pg/ml (TCM)
Assay Length 3 hours, 15 minutes
Specificity Human IFN-Gamma Receptor 1 (IFNGR1)

Inter-Assay: ≤ 12%

Intra-Assay: ≤ 8%

Spike Recovery: 93% 


The VeriKine Human IFN-Gamma Receptor 1 ELISA quantitates Human IFN-Gamma Receptor 1 (IFNGR1)  in serum, plasma, tissue culture media (TCM) and cell lysates by sandwich enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). IFNGR1 binds to plates coated with antibody and detection is accomplished using a detection antibody followed by streptavidin conjugated to horseradish peroxidase (HRP). This ELISA kit utilizes Tetramethyl-benzidine (TMB) as the substrate. The standard provided is recombinant Human IFNGR1 expressed in mammalian cells.




No measurable IFNGR1 was observed when using this kit with sera of cynomolgus, rhesus, pig, bovine, rabbit, mouse, sheep or donkey.


No cross-reactivity against

  • Mouse IFNGR1-Fc
Storage 2-8°C
Expiration Date One year from date of manufacture
Storage Wet Ice



Materials Provided:

  • Pre-coated microtiter plate
  • Plate Sealers
  • Wash Solution Concentrate
  • Human IFN-Gamma Receptor 1 (IFNGR1) Standard, 500,000 pg/ml
  • Sample Diluent
  • Antibody Concentrate
  • Antibody Diluent 
  • HRP Conjugate Concentrate 
  • HRP Diluent
  • TMB Substrate 
  • Stop Solution 


References: (For additional references, please reference the protocol.)


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41580 Protocol (Full)

41580 Protocol (Full)

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41580-1 Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

41580 Running Suggestion

41580 Suggested Tips for Running with Cell Lysates

41580 SDS

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