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Meso Scale Discovery (MSD) Assay Services

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Advantages of MSD Assay Services:

  • Ability to target low analyte levels in small sample volumes
  • Robust matrix tolerance including serum, plasma, and tissue culture media (TCM), as well as various complex biological matrices
  • Measure low and high abundance analytes (normal and elevated levels) within the same sample with 4-Log+ dynamic range
  • Over 180 validated fit-for-purpose singleplex and preconfigured multiplex panel ELISAs available with excellent performance specifications and lot-to-lot consistency


PBL offers high precision protein quantification services on Meso Scale Discovery's MSD-ECL technology for biomarker detection in a broad range of sample matrices for Human, Non-Human Primate (NHP), Mouse, Rat, and Canine samples. Up to 54 analytes can be quantified within a single sample. This enables simultaneous comparison of the expression of pertinent cytokines, chemokines, and other biomarkers in samples from diseased and normal patients at different intervals.

Multiplex immunoassays on the MSD platform maintain the sensitivity and performance offered by singleplex ELISAs while providing additional benefits such as cost-savings and targeting of several related analytes in a single sample. The ability to quantify compatible analytes while requiring no more than 25 μl of neat sample ensures efficient use of precious sample.

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