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Robert Pestka

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Robert Pestka

Robert Pestka

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Pestka grew PBL from a $30,000 investment into a company recognized around the world for its high-quality products and services. His product development program brought many interferon and cytokine proteins and antibodies and immunoassay kits to market for the first time, and many of these products still retain majority market share. Mr. Pestka built an internal sales & marketing team to establish a direct-to-customer business and cemented relationships with life science product distributors to ensure global access.

Mr. Pestka leveraged PBL's depth of experience developing and running immunoassays to speared the company's expansion into biomarker testing services. In this capacity, PBL now supports clinical studies of approved and experimental drugs on several bioanalytical platforms and serves clients from the largest pharmaceutical companies to virtual biotech companies and academic institutions.

Mr. Pestka has secured millions of dollars in state and federal grants in support of the company's innovative work. He previously served in several project management and architectural design capacities at Kajima International, a turnkey construction company based in Japan. He received a Bachelor of Science in architecture and civil engineering from Princeton University.