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Anti-Human ISG15, Clone 2.1 (MAb)

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Anti-Human ISG15, Clone 2.1 (MAb)

Catalog Number: 21900

This ISG15 antibody detects conjugated and free human ISG15 with no cross-reactivity with 1000x load of ubiquitin on Western Blot.


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Specificity Detects human ISG15
Tested Application
  • Western Blot (WB)


Formulation 50 mM Tris HCl, 75 mM NaCl, 50% Glycerol pH 8
Antigen Human ISG15
Isotype Mouse IgG1 kappa
Host Species Mouse
Purity > 95% by SDS-PAGE stained by Coomassie Blue
Endotoxin level < 1 EU/μg
Storage After receipt, this product should be kept at -20oC for retention of full activity. Do not store below -20oC.
Clone 2.1

Tech Info & Data



Many published reports indicate that ISG15 (G1P2) is commonly upregulated in response to Type I interferon stimulation. Though a wide range of cellular activites are influenced by ISG15 expression including Type I interferon signaling, translation, chromatin remodeling, cell motility, protein trafficking, and protein conjugation (ISGylation), the complete spectrum of ISG15-dependent biological sequelae remains to be fully elucidated. Further definition of new ISG15 target proteins and the role of free ISG15 will offer new insights into mechanistic and immunotherapeutic approaches to human diseases. This product detects conjugated and free ISG15.


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Certificate of Analysis (CoA) and Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
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21900-1 Certificate of Analysis


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