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Anti-Rat IFN-Alpha, Rabbit IgG, Protein A Purified (PAb)

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Anti-Rat IFN-Alpha, Rabbit IgG, Protein A Purified (PAb)

Catalog Number: 33100

Rabbit polyclonal antibody against Rat Interferon Alpha, Protein A Purified, suitable for use in Western Blot and in vitro neutralization


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Product Info

Specificity Neutralizes both natural and recombinant rat IFN-Alpha
Suggested Applications*
  • Western Blot
  • in vitro neutralization


*Please note that these applications are presented for suggested use only and have not been fully evaluated by PBL


Formulation Supplied lyophilized in phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) and 125 mM trehalose prior to lyophilization
Antigen Recombinant rat interferon alpha derived from baculovirus
Host Species Rabbit
Purity > 95% by SDS-PAGE stained by Coomassie Blue
Storage For retention of full activity store at 2-8°C; after reconstitution, store at -70°C or below and avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles
Antigen Synonyms None




  1. Van der Meide, P.H. et al. (1986) Methods Enzymol. 119: 441.


Certificate of Analysis (CoA) and Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
33100-1 CoA

33100-1 Certificate of Analysis

33100 SDS

33100 Safety Data Sheet