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Human IFN-Lambda 3, Human Cell Expressed

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Human IFN-Lambda 3, Human Cell Expressed

Catalog Number: 11730

Recombinant Human IFN-Lambda 3 protein (Human IL-28B) is expressed in human cells and sold by active units. 


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Bioactivity Measured in cytopathic effect inhibition assay on human lung carcinoma cell line A549 with encephalomyocarditis virus (EMCV), EC50 ~1 U/ml


Only hIFNL protein qualified against the international reference standard for Human Interferon Lambda 3 (Hu-IFN-L3).


Formulation Supplied frozen in phosphate buffered saline (PBS) containing 0.1% bovine serum albumin (BSA)
Molecular Weight 19.6 kDa
Source Recombinant DNA expressed in human cells
Purity Greater than 95% as determined by ion exchange, hydrophobic interaction and/or size exclusion chromatography
Endotoxin level < 1 EU/μg
Storage For retention of full activity store at -70°C or below and avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles
Synonyms Hu-IL-28B; Hu-IFN-λ3
Accession Number NP_742151.2

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IFN-Lambda 1 (IL-29), IFN-Lambda 2 (IL-28A) and IFN-Lambda 3 (IL-28B) are recently identified members of the IL-10 family, which have antiviral activity similar to type I interferons. They mediate this activity through a heterodimeric receptor complex that is composed of the IL-10 receptor β (IL-10 Rβ) and a novel IL-28 receptor α (IL-28 Rα, also known as IFN-λ R1). Engagement of this receptor leads to Jak-STAT signaling and gene expression. Many of the effects of interferon lambda on cells overlap that of Type I interferon. Unlike the type I interferon receptor which is on virtually all cells, the type III receptor is limited in its expression1. Interferon lambda 1 encodes a 181 AA mature protein which is 67% and 69% identical with interferon lambda 2 and interferon lambda 3, respectively.


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  1. Zhang, Q., et al.,(2022), "Autoantibodies against type I IFNs in patients with critical influenza pneumonia", J. Exp. Med. 219(11):e20220514, DOI: 10.1084/jem.20220514 (link)



  1. Donnelly, RP, et al. (2010). Interferon-lambda: A New Addition to an Old Family. Journal of Interferon & Cytokine Research, 9 pgs. PMID: 20712453. (link)


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