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Rhesus/Cynomolgus IFN-Alpha 2

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Rhesus/Cynomolgus IFN-Alpha 2

Catalog Number: 14110

Recombinant Rhesus/Cynomolgus Interferon Alpha 2 expressed in E.coli


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Bioactivity Measured using cytopathic effect inhibition assays on Bovine (MDBK) cells with VSV and Human (A549) cells with EMCV
The EC50 for bovine IFN is ~ 5 U/ml
The EC50 for human IFN is ~ 1 U/ml.


Formulation Supplied frozen with a carrier protein
Molecular Weight 19.5 kDa
Source cDNA expressed in E.coli
Purity > 98% by SDS-PAGE stained by Coomassie Blue
Endotoxin level < 1 EU/μg
Storage For retention of full activity store at -70°C or below and avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles
Accession Number XM_001107516

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The cDNA for Rheus/Cynomolgus IFN-Alpha 2 was cloned from the Rhesus cell line LLC-MK2. This was found to be identical to the putative Rhesus IFN-Alpha 2 (XM_001107516) identified as part of the Rhesus genome project. There are 14 AA differences in the mature protein (2 in the signal peptide) between the Rhesus and Human Alpha A (2a) sequence. There are 13 AA differences in the mature protein (2 in the signal peptide) between the Rhesus and Human Alpha 2 (2b) sequence. This is in accord with a previous report [Villinger et al. (1995) J. Immunol. 155:3946] stating that there are 15-16 amino acids different between the Rhesus IFN-Alpha 2 and human alpha 2 (2b) and human alpha A(2a) respectively.


This Rhesus (Macaca mulatta) sequence is also identical to a Cynomolgus (Macaca fascicularis) IFN-Alpha 2 cloned from cDNA isolated from primary hepatocytes (PBL unpublished observation).


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Certificate of Analysis (CoA) and Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
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14110-1 Certificate of Analysis (CoA)

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