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Anti-Human IFN-Beta, Rabbit IgG, protein A purified (PAb)

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Anti-Human IFN-Beta, Rabbit IgG, protein A purified (PAb)

Catalog Number: 31405

Unconjugated Rabbit polyclonal antibody against Human IFN-Beta, Protein A purified, suitable for use in neutralization, ELISA, Western Blot, immunoprecipitation, and immunohistochemistry


Pack Size
Product Info

Specificity Binds to and neutralizes human IFN-Beta
Tested Application
  • Neutralization
Suggested Applications*
  • Western Blot
  • Immunoprecipitation
  • Immunohistochemistry



*Please note that these applications are presented for suggested use only and have not been fully evaluated by PBL


This antibody is immunized by E.coli expressed human IFN-Beta


Formulation Supplied frozen in 0.3 M NaHCO3; 0.2 M NaCl
Antigen Recombinant Human Interferon Beta (expressed in E.coli )
Host Species Rabbit
Bioactivity Measured by neutralization of interferon in cytopathic effect inhibition assay using A549 cells challenged with EMCV.
Storage For retention of full activity store at -70oC or below and avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles.
Antigen Synonyms Human Beta Interferon Polyclonal, Human IFNB, Human Fibroblast IFN, Human IFN Beta Rabbit Polyclonal, Human Fibroblast Interferon, Human Beta IFN, Human Type I Interferon Beta, Human IFN B




  1. Rubinstein, S., Familletti, P.C., and Pestka, S. (1981) J. Virol. 37:75

  2. Budd et al. (1985) Canc. Chem. Pharm. 12:39


Certificate of Analysis (CoA) and Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
31405-1 CoA

31405-1 Certificate of Analysis

31405 SDS

31405 Safety Data Sheet