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Anti-Human IFN-Beta, Sheep Serum (PAb)

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Anti-Human IFN-Beta, Sheep Serum (PAb)

Catalog Number: 31401

Unconjugated Sheep polyclonal antibody against Human IFN-Beta suitable for use in neutralization, ELISA, Western Blot, immunoprecipitation, and immunohistochemistry


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Specificity Binds to and neutralizes human IFN-Beta
Tested Application
  • Neutralization
Suggested Applications*
  • Western Blot
  • Immunoprecipitation
  • Immunohistochemistry


*Please note that these applications are presented for suggested use only and have not been fully evaluated by PBL


This antibody is Immunized by mammalian expressed human IFN-Beta


Formulation Supplied frozen in Phosphate buffered saline (PBS)
Antigen Recombinant human interferon beta 1a, mammalian
Host Species Sheep
Bioactivity Measured by neutralization of interferon in cytopathic effect inhibition assay.
Storage For retention of full activity store at -20oC or below and avoid repeated freeze/thaw cycles.
Antigen Synonyms Human Beta Interferon Polyclonal, Human IFNB, Human Fibroblast IFN, Human IFN Beta Sheep Polyclonal, Human Fibroblast Interferon, Human Beta IFN, Human Type I Interferon Beta, Human IFN B


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Certificate of Analysis (CoA) and Safety Data Sheet (SDS)
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31401-1 Certificate of Analysis

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