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Mouse IFN-Beta

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Interferon Beta plays a pivotal role in the protective response to many infections and diseases due to its antiviral and immune-modulatory activities, and is an important early product of TLR/RLR stimulation. However, when produced unchecked it can also contribute to the generation of clinically relevant side effects and pathological processes. Additionally, IFN-β is a common therapeutic treatment for multiple sclerosis and some cancers with the research into these diseases often conducted in mice.

Catalog No. Description Pack size Price Quantity
12405-1 Mouse IFN-Beta, Mammalian 1 x 10⁵ units $295.00
12410-1 Mouse IFN-Beta, Mammalian, Carrier-Free 1 x 10⁶ units $755.00
12400-1 Mouse IFN-Beta, E.Coli 1 x 10⁵ units $535.00
12401-1 Mouse IFN-Beta, Carrier-Free 1 x 10⁵ units $425.00