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Interferon and Interleukin Assay Kits

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Welcome to the new PBL Assay Science website!

We'd love it if you could browse around and let us know what you think -- we're a small team and appreciate the extra eyes. 

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ELISA kits

PBL Assay Science designs our VeriKine-HS ELISA kits with a singular purpose: to provide researchers like you with the tools that enable the generation of accurate, reproducible, and actionable data you can trust. Our kits provide:

  • Accurate sample measurement with total IFN-Alpha All-Subtype detection
  • Robust matrix tolerance and reproducibility Human IFN-Beta kit validated for autoimmune disease patient serum samples
  • Near-basal endogenous Human IL-15 and IL-22 quantitation


VeriKine-HS Human ELISA Kits



VeriKine-HS Mouse ELISA Kits



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